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UK Wide Didgeridoo Players / Workshops for Schools, Colleges, Festivals, Events and Team Building for 2019

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We can usually supply didgeridoo players ALL OVER THE UK for your school. event, workshops etc Workshops for schools, colleges, events, festivals, team building etc Workshops for schools, colleges, events, festivals, team building etc Workshops for schools, colleges, events, festivals, team building etc


Are you looking to Hire a DIDGERIDOO WORKSHOP / PLAYER? Click Didge players Anywhere


OR Fancy organising a great workshop or performance?

Are you planning any projects to do with Australia? IE A Themed Event, curriculum, or simply looking for a fresh and fun team building exercise?

Then you should Didgeridoo

if you are we can provide professional didgeridoo players for workshops in schools, colleges, festivals and corporate events etc?

You have come to the right place as you are probably looking to enquire about hiring a Didgeridoo Player or didgeridoo workshops because it will add life to your project and make it very memorable and enjoyable!

We have run so many didgeridoo day courses for multiple companies and also many schools and other organisations / events

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The best UK didgeridoo players and workshops!

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Didgeridoo Players for All and Any Occasions!


We are able to provide high quality Didgeridoo Players and workshops usually throughout the UK for events, festivals, team building etc etc

The players are just like you, Humans!

This makes it very easy to get across what you would like and what you are after

The performances can be a stand alone didgeridoo player or an interactive journey which would suit all people, including those with disabilities.

We can easily offer tailored tuition, practice equipment, basic history lessons with lots of fun for all ages



Singing Sticks Didgeridoo Event, music's alternative family friendly weekend camp event

Singing Sticks Didgeridoo Festival

Want to play some Didgeridoo? of course you doo 2019